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When “LOL” is Overrated

thAs anyone else, if I’m making a joke while texting with friends, I might insert lol, laughing out loud. Just so that they know I’m teasing them. Benedetto never teases except in person, so he never uses lol.

Yet, anyone who knows us would say that he is more laid-back and I’m more serious and Type-A. But I use lol. How this makes sense is anyone’s guess.

However, there are times when it’s no laughing matter. And that’s when I use lol. To soften the blow, you might say.

In other words, if I use LOL or lol, I am generally dead lol_1866740bserious.

Take this interaction with Petya, who has been avoiding me for days. I believe it’s because he is 18 years old, away from me (and enjoying it, lol – see, there I go), and just too busy for extensive interaction. I mean, what would the point be in going somewhere else, then?

Yet, for me, if I let myself, the texts would go something like this:

png1Moi:    How are you? (I don’t use u.)

Petya:  good u ok

Moi:    Great. Thanks for the pic. Why are you standing behind that girl, lol?

Petya: they told to stand there for group photo. nxt time I tell girls step aside so u see my babyface lol

Moi:    Yes, I can’t see your cute babyface. Are you growing a beard? What are you wearing—sports shorts? LOL

Petya:  yes shorts fine today

Moi:    You know, you have nice shorts and nice pants you could be wearing, lol.

Petya:  In wash.

Moi:    I thought you said you did wash yesterday?funny-text-messages-dumpaday-3

Petya:  Lots of ppl. did some not all

Moi:    Are you eating? LOL. What did you have for breakfast?

Petya:  bagel not much time. luv u guys

Moi:    Love you, too. So proud of you!

Naturally, I want to ask if he’s bathing, brushing his teeth, making friends, eating any fruits or veggies, shaving twice a day, lol – oops, there I go again.

I’m trying, people, I’m trying. It’s hard to let go. My husband even says I’ve been incredibly restrained. Plus, Petya’s a good guy. These kids are on an educational and spiritual program in NYC. He’s well-supervised. They keep them going long hours. I have nothing to be concerned about.

It’s just that I miss him, lol.


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