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When Mama Falls Sick During a Holiday

tips-for-cold-and-flu-preventionThe other day at a holiday gathering, a friend of mine commented that she has never seen me sick.

“I mean, really, after 20 years, I can’t remember a time— ” she marveled, wondering what was my secret?

Naturally, I thanked the Lord and spoke of washing one’s hands upon occasion, and not touching the face, and dressing warmly….

By the next day, I started sneezing.

Our eldest daughter, 18, was already sick. But then, she rarely listened. When I suggested for her to put on a hat or gloves, she and my teahusband acted as though she were two years old and I had just suggested I give her a warm bath-! Whatever. Mashenka was always the first to drop because she never listened.

While making her tea, and hot soup, and putting her to bed in the middle of the day… apparently, the sickness leapt upon me.

And, as usual, I powered on. That’s the problem with being a wife and mother: there’s no one to take care of you. My oldest son came closest by telling me he would go to the gym on his own and that I should get some rest.

So, with my shaking and aching body, I put on my PJs and a warm, fluffy robe, and warm socks and climbed under the covers.

Nobody checked on me.

chicken-soupNobody to bring me tea or soup. I got up and poured myself a cup of water just to ensure that I would stay hydrated and flush the toxins from my system.

When Petya returned from his workout, he poured me more water and gave me some kind of medication conjured up by his father. And then I passed out.

Up again today, my six-hour respite will have to suffice. Lots of holiday preparations yet to be done. I might make myself a big, steamy pot of soup.

That’s how it rolls when Mama gets sick.

A knock comes at the bathroom door. Benedetto bringing me coffee. He offers to make me soup.

My aching bones accept.


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