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When Summer Storms Come

thSummer temperatures at our dacha regularly approach three digits, with the occasional violent storm thrown in for good measure. This is the south and this is how it goes.

However, at our other house, midway up the Atlantic coast of the United States, summer still registers as hotter than hot and humid. It’s at times such as these that one’s thoughts turn toward New England.

But we must stay on schedule and make do.

In the south, the threat of hurricanes looms heavily. A family should have water supplies and somestorm

non-perishable food items, boards or shutters for the windows. Happily, many communities enjoy underground electrical power lines, so the areas are not in as much danger of losing power during a storm as when a work crew is in the neighborhood and they accidentally hit a line.

In the mid-Atlantic, homes suffer from power outages or flooding. A sump pump stands sentry in our basement, just in case. It happens.

double-rainbowWe have been known to take the dogs and children, load up the SUV and go out for drives, just to see if our car’s air-conditioning will make us more comfortable. The extreme heat and humidity wreak havoc with the humans, as well as the fur-coated Scotties. So we run the car and relax, sometimes visiting the parking lot of a nearby recreation area.

Without power, there’s not much to eat or do. That could be a spiritual principle.

When the storms of life come, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t lose your power source.

Safe weekend, everyone!


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