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When the Lights Went Out

8.8.12-Power-OutageThanksgiving evening, we had already eaten dinner and taken the traditional neighborhood stroll.  The family gathered near the fireplace, while I finished preparing for more work, more travel.

“It’s a holiday, you know,” Benedetto had mentioned earlier in the day.

As though I didn’t capisce– the two of us cooking and baking alongside of each other since Wednesday.  The fact that I could squeeze in a little work here and there irritated him, but it was either bite the bullet now or later.

I was in the middle of a number of projects when, with a pop, the electricity went out.power_outage

Poof!  Utter darkness, save for my glowing computer screen, which actually did cast quite a glow.  Petya ferried a flashlight to me, followed by some pillar candles I had planned on using at dinner, yet never did.  We had never lit the fireplace, either, and now considered the advisability of whether it would provide more heat, or suck the remaining heat out the chimney.

thGreat, just great.  No power.  Unless you’ve ever packed a suitcase from scratch in the dark, you don’t know how devastating a sudden power outage can be, or how little light a candle may cast.

Beyond the suitcase, there was the leftover turkey which still needed to be refrigerated, yet we dared not open the door, more work on the computer, transferring from one purse to another, now the heat would be going off and we might all freeze to death, or have to sleep fitfully in front of the fireplace that would need to be lighted with the dogs nestled in for extra body warmth. The perfect ending to a lovely holiday.

But if these were our biggest problems.

Just as I was settling in to learn some Braille, pffftt-!, the power came back on in a burst of glory as relief flooded over me.  Never have you seen someone move so quickly– bag packed, purse organized, computer fired up.

We still had quality family time together, plus I got everything done in record time, just in case.

Be quick, people, you never know when the lights may go out.  It’s amazing the things you can accomplish.


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