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When Travel Turns Tragic

BeachmishapBelieve me, I know that terrible things might transpire when traveling the world. Did I ever tell you about the time when three elderly Chinese women, puffing on opium pipes, wrinkled like a raisin-skinned snake about ready to shed its skin, tried to jump me? But I digress….

I was young and naive, taking a public bus with chickens in the aisle and a sign saying not to speak to the driver under any circumstance. Long before the day of cell phones or auto-translator devices, I made a couple of not-so-smart moves.

Now, with the ability to hear about everyone’s travel mishaps through the miracle of the media, we learn that more and more international travelers are young and naive. Like, way too many.

The family kidnapped in Afghanistan for years. The college student imprisoned in North Korea until he died. The two ladies with two dogs lost at sea ontourist their way to Tahiti. The family of four taken by pirates on the Amazon.

We never want to blame the victims, for sure. When bad things happen, just like you would for your own children, you swoop in and rescue them and keep them from further harm. But eventually, somebody’s got to have an adult talk with them, if at all possible.

I’d just like to put this out there: if you need adventure in life, maybe go on a rollercoaster. Please don’t take yourself (bad enough), your children (no), or your dogs (double no, simply because they can’t talk and stand up for themselves) on some hair-brained trip to another country. (And this comes from someone who travels abroad regularly, and not on organized tours.) If it’s an area known for terrorism, pirates or dangerous terrain, please don’t go there. Learn to weigh the potential risks.

notwithoutmydaughterIt’s crazy. It’s nuts. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

I know. Book and movie rights.


Tonight, maybe everybody stay home, watch the movie “Not Without My Daughter” and hold your loved ones close.


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