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When We Can’t, God Can

IMG_4223It’s a marvelous situation: our oldest son (21 in September) actually listens to us. Parental words of wisdom and encouragement are soaked up by him. He is growing and going because he believes that with God, all things are possible.

All of our kids come from trauma and abuse backgrounds, leading to Russian orphanages before heading home with us in their pre-teens. He was our first, and youngest, arriving in our family in the spring (just a few weeks ago) prior to his eighth birthday. The others came later and were older.

We taught him from the beginning that God the creator can recreate the circumstances of our life. There was nothing odd or unusual about change and transformation. And in order to grasp that new life, he had to let go of the old life.IMG_4222

He was ready, willing and able.

In the years since, the guy has done amazing things. Many accomplishments, multitudinous interests. Last night, I saw him take the stage with our congregation’s praise and worship team during a midweek service, playing the guitar and smiling and singing for all he was worth.


With God, all things are possible. Reach for something God-sized today. He makes all things new!

Happy Friday.


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