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When Your Baby is Hurt

IMG_3241It was quite late one night when I noticed that Grisha the Scottie was limping. Already fast asleep on our bed, I thought that he might have been stretching and felt some middle-aged stiffness setting in.   The first clue was that Grisha peered straight into my face and held my gaze, as though saying, “Help me.” But Benedetto declared him to be perfectly fine, and as I said, it was late.

The next morning, Grisha limped some more. We could not get him into the vet that day, but figured that the stiffness would work itself out. Each of us examined the pads of his paws and Benedetto tried to look inbetween his toes.


Finally, the next day, we took him to the veterinarian. She felt his hip, his foot, and atIMG_3245 last declared that he might have a hairline fracture. If he was still limping in another week, she would take x-rays. Giving us a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, we prayed and hoped for the best.

That was at 2:00.

By the following day, things deteriorated. I was at home with Misha and Grisha and the little guy started crying and shaking and licking his feet. I phoned my husband.

IMG_3246“Can you call the vet?” I asked Benedetto.

“Why?” he asked. “We just took him there.”

“The situation is going downhill fast. He’s in excruciating pain. We need to get him there NOW.”

Benedetto sprang into action, obtaining an appointment for late afternoon on the third day. Meanwhile, I held my Scottish terrier baby, praying for him, talking to him. Cradling him like a baby, his back paws were closer to my face… and… that’s when I saw it….

Slightly above his other claws on his rear right leg was a dew claw. The nail was split IMG_3250and the quick, a small, beige, it-almost-looked-like-a-worm vein that ended in a point that was sticking out.

I could have fainted! Horrible, just horrible. And blood wasn’t even involved. Yet.

I tried to soak it, to cream it, to not touch it at all…. Squirmy Grisha was whimpering when he wasn’t trying to hop away on three legs.

IMG_3251Back to the vet who attempted to trim what was left of the nail. Grisha would have none of it. He howled and shrieked and they couldn’t come near him. Terrible, just terrible.

They sent the family away, indicating that drastic measures would need to be taken. The doctor must sedate Grisha, because she hadn’t even approached the problem nail, yet! Turns out they found two nails in need of repair. Back to retrieve him within the hour, we found our baby utterly terrorized, shaking and crying.

His groomer retired a few months back and we had located a new grooming scottieservice. Unfortunately, their clipping of the nails, rather than grinding them, may have crushed and split some.

The vet instructed us to remove the big bandage in about an hour after returning home. No matter how many meds, Grisha continues to shake and bare his teeth, almost as though he’s smiling but really struggling not to instinctively bite, when Benedetto tries to remove his bandage. He looks for all the world like a skier who had a mishap, while sounding like a crazed and conflicted pup he was, howling in pain when the guys try to carefully unwrap the gauze with the bloody foot inside.

scottie2Another call to the vet who says to give him an anti-inflammatory and wait a couple of hours. He whimpers and cries as the minutes tick by. He walks in circles, tries to lie down, is back up again on three legs. Hands stretch forth to hold and comfort him.

In the final moment, the swelling on the leg must have diminished and the bandage now slides right off. He’s free!

By the next morning, Grisha gingerly walks on all fours. We keep up the anti-inflammatory meds and the antibiotics. So thankful to have him back to his old self.

What do you do when any of your babies are in pain?


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