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Where Are the Nigerian Girls?

Boko-HaramThe whole world has heard about the 200-300 Nigerian girls at a secondary boarding school kidnapped three weeks ago. Boko Haram, the Muslim terrorist group operating primarily in northeastern Nigeria claimed responsibility.

Many curious aspects pop to mind when reading reports of the abductions. Nobody is exactly sure how many girls were taken in the dark of night, since some accounts say that visiting students were there to take exams and thus, swelled the numbers. Nobody can determine whether or not the girls have yet been soldBoko-Haram-holding-kidnapped-French-priest into marriage or slavery—there are rumors both ways. And finally, nobody understands why the Nigerian government is not doing more to locate the students, nor how some of them escaped in the initial days.

So, Boko Haram which literally means “Western education is sinful” continues to press its point that educating boys, and definitely girls, in anything but the Islamic faith will be particularly harmful.

nigeria-unrest-boko-haramThat’s a point that terrorists seem well-suited to make.

The United States has offered to help in finding the young ladies. Additionally, male family members have taken to the forest from the very beginning, searching every lead, and fearful of accounts that the girls had been sold locally for $12 to terrorists, and also transported into Chad and Cameroon.

Hopefully, they will be rescued and returned soon. This is one time when the average person in the rest of the world may do very little beyond hope and pray.

Girls, we have not forgotten you.


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  1. avatar Cubby says:

    Still waiting for news the girls have been located and freed. There has been nothing in our papers or news I have seen online for quite a while.

  2. avatar Cubby says:

    I meant to say “nothing in the news” that frees them.

  3. avatar Cubby says:

    What I meant to indicate is there hasn’t been anything that shows there is a plan to free them. Just supposed news that they have been “found”.

    • avatar admin says:

      I know what you mean, Cubby. My husband told me about the reports that they have been located, but could not yet be rescued. Now, if I knew where they were, but couldn’t yet free them, I wouldn’t be telling the whole world until my plan was in place and carried out. I wonder if this is some face-saving move on Nigeria’s part, or if it’s an attempt to get the kidnappers to move them to a new location which might be easier to find? I can only imagine what these families are going through with the reports of mass marriages, forced conversions to Islam, being sold in the markets, etc. Time is of the essence.

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