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Where Have All the Long Sleeves Gone?

It’s the middle of winter in my neck of the woods, and I’d like a long-sleeved sweater, dress, or shirt.  Alright, maybe shirts are easy enough to find, but really.  What’s the deal?

Just this week, I started actually seeing long sleeves in stores.

I don’t have a lot of time to lurk around here and there.  I grew up in a family where shopping and consumerism was considered a civic duty, and I’m now trying to change that course.  But even if I peek around online—everything seems to be no-sleeved dresses and short-sleeved sweaters.

Like anyone else, I can make these “work”, putting the turtleneck or long-sleeved t-shirt  under the cap-sleeve sweater.  But why?  Who’s designing these outfits?

I can toss a jacket or sweater on a no-sleeve dress, though again, I’m asking myself why I need to layer, layer, layer?  Leave that up to me, okay?  Just sell me one full garment, sleeves and all.

Of course, that brings up the issue of matching suits.  Skirt suits, pant suits, everything is separates.  Buy one pair of pants and a different jacket.  No problem.  I can do that.  But maybe I want a monochromatic look, sleek and sophisticated.  The only apparel I’ve spotted in matchy-matchy is polyester and that’s pretty sad.  Yet it does look thick and bullet-proof.  In some parts of the world, that could be handy for protection from rebel forces, or mosquitos masquerading as B-52 bombers.

Ladies, I need chic.  I believe we can look great and feel great in a fab outfit that’s not frump and drab, while not revealing what’s best left covered, shall we say.  Give me one dress that’s elegant and classic… that has some sleeves!  The royal wedding at least  was happily on-target, in my opinion.

And what’s out there to buy?  Strapless, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder.

No, thanks.  I need substance.  I guess that defines me:  a woman of substance.  (Hopefully not a substantial woman, lol.)  In a city full of suits, I’m fine.  However, as our thoughts turn toward February and romance, I’d like to look nice, too.  With sleeves.  Knee-length or longer would be ideal– we’ll work on that next-!

Thank you, I feel better.



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Guess I missed this post. I AGREE. What about us that live in the great white north. Heck we wear long sleeves in July!

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    Both. Most of the waterparks in the Dells are indoor and you need sunglasses, not from the glare of lights but the glare off of everyones’s bare legs. It’s bad.

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