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Where Have All the Pajamas Gone?

scottie_dog_flannel_pajamas_doll_clothes_fits_american_girl_red_plaid_95da4099Used to be, once upon a time, that you could find affordable, 2-piece pajamas for children or adults.  Since most of our kids are now in adult sizes, make that six “adults”.

I can find pajama pants, designed to be worn with tank tops (in the winter?), or skimpy, waffle-weave t-shirts.  The way Benedetto likes to keep the house sufficiently chilled at night, these are not going to work.

I went on a quest for old-fashioned, flannel PJs.  In my out-of-touch estimation, you should be able to get these for about $25, and you can, if you hit the right outlet store, on the right day, when they’re having a sale, and the constellations are in proper alignment.  Other than that, no luck.

We’re been in Europe over the years and higher prices are a given.  However, in the Land of the Free and the Home of 11500898_34169210_trimmedthe Cheap, we expect low prices for the basics.

In an online search, I came across a few retailers (and I have no connection to them in any way).  The first was Pajamagram, offering matching sets for families or couples, all the better for your holiday photos, or for people with pets (very nice idea).  The ladies’ pajama set was $55, and the children’s set $35.

On to J.C. Penney, where the ladies’ set was about $20, but the review was mixed.  Apparently, the material shrinks (which I would expect), and it is not the flannel that we all remember from days gone by.  But possibly worth checking out just by virtue of the fact that they have two pieces which appear to be semi-warm.

Heading over to Lands’ End, again I stick with women’s pajamas as a barometer, coming up with $45 per piece, i.e., $90 for simple flannel pajamas.  I don’t even bother to see what the men’s pajamas might cost.  Call me crazy, but I can’t see paying that kind of money for plain pajamas that the kids will spill hot chocolate on, or sweat in, or drool upon in their sleep.

draft_lens19177769module157315963photo_1330622295_aaaA number of our kids like footed pajamas, but in adult sizes, they generally only come in ladies’ motifs.  Plus, it can be a chilly proposition for a girl to go to the bathroom.  (Boys are a bit easier, but I don’t need to explain that to you.)

Our teen sons in recent years have gone with heavyweight sweatsuits—the crewneck longsleeved top, and pants elasticized at the waist and ankles.  Throw on a jacket and they can walk the dogs or whatever.

The girls don’t like nightgowns, since they ride up at night, and now I see that there are flannel sleep shorts being sold-?!  Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

My own silky nighties are a thing of the past.

Have 2-piece flannel pajamas gone the way of the dinosaur?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Probably. I don’t think I’ve seen flannels in a long time. Honestly you might check Wal-Mart or Tar-shay. When Mom cleaned out her massive closet of 20 yo clothes this summer I rescued a pair of PJ’s that were a gift to her (they were too big) and still had the tags. They are made out of T-shirt jersey that is fairly warm. I usually don them when I’m sleeping alone – Hubby is like a 6 ft snoring heater in the bed. It doesn’t just start with adult sizes either, I can’t find warm jammies for the 9 yo either.

    I settled for buying both boys fleece sheet sets and put an extra blanket on the bed. I’ll tell you at night it’s NIPPY in our old house and waking up to go the bathroom is torture. I’m just glad there are such things as programmable thermostats so I don’t have to wait on hot water heat to warm up the house.

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