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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Last Will and Testament with reading glasses and pen

Last Will and Testament with reading glasses and pen

I have a friend whose husband recently passed away. And that’s the easiest part of the story. The rest has twists and turns and a bunch of real downturns. The husband didn’t have a will… and the two were estranged.

But he was calling her… and trying to change his life… when all of a sudden he turned up dead.

Rather suspicious on several fronts.

A woman popped up, claiming to be his wife, and trying to fast-forward a cremation. There was hisaccountant real wife who knew nothing about his death as she had just had a nice phone conversation with him a couple of days prior. And their grown kids didn’t know what to think.

Plus, he didn’t have a will.

They think. Nobody knows.

Meanwhile, it’s a whole lot of uncertainty, with investigations, and searches, and accountants, and lawyers. Not to mention the shock of it all and what might have been in terms of their relationship.

accountantsI take it as a cautionary word: make a will. A last will and testament. Check with your location’s courthouse to see if it needs to be filed with them, or witnessed, or what. Learn the legalities and then do it.

Don’t cause your loved ones any further grief, okay? Do what you need to do with a will now, when you’re in your right mind and can think clearly.

Thank you, I’m glad we had this talk. I can’t stand to see my friend suffer over the uncertainty and second-guessing herself. To think it could have all been avoided….


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