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While the Kids Were Away…

So, what did WE do on OUR summer vacation while the kids were away at camp?  (Other than talking about them, trying not to worry about them, and visiting them?)  Well, considering that the two of us were together for all of three days out of the 5.5 that they were gone…..

Without giving away ALL of our activities, it was so great to be able to breathe for a minute or two.  Only our littlest babies (the dogs) needed tending, which we were only too happy to give.  A few kisses and enthusiastic tail wags go a long way.

Our day ferrying forgotten things out to the country basically took a whole day.  The rest of the time we caught up on sleep, work, and errands.  Not to mention getting the house back into shape after the whirlwind of four children preparing for camp.  Another day, we visited his mom in the nursing home at quite some distance.

But Benedetto and I carved out a bit of time for ourselves—enjoying a relaxed and romantic lunch out, returning home to laugh over my jury summons (an every-two-years-like-clockwork event that I’ll need to write about).

We watched what my husband called “an adult film”, that wasn’t one of “those kind of films”, at all, simply one that had too serious subject matter to be of interest to teens, lol.

I wish we could have planned some get-away for ourselves, but the fact is, the time comes on our kind of schedule that it’s often easier to just stay home and relax.  Talk about life in the fast lane-!


What would you do if you had time away from the kids?



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    There is no such thing as time away from the kids – it is a myth. You are way too busy to do anything but sneak in but a stolen weekend every 10 years if you are lucky and a hot dog once in awhile at Costco. However, they grow up and then you think maybe this is the time. Wrong. It now becomes visiting the kids and then making sure the grandchildren are a top priority so that they grow up knowing and having the experience of grandparents in their lives regularly. And the more children one has, your time has to be spread around to be able to see and be with each family. The only time to be alone together is that 3 minutes when you go to bed (which is only occcasionally at the same time) and fall asleep exhausted knowing you have a busy day tomorrow.

    • avatar admin says:

      Whew! That’s a relief, Sybil. I thought we were the only ones…. When they’re grown, we’ll have to make sure that either: a) they live in the same neighborhood, more or less: or b) live someplace exotic that we’d like to visit on a regular basis, lol-!

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