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Who Determines Your Future???

crWell, in the USA, today is Groundhog’s Day. Every February 2nd, an ingenious small town in Pennsylvania has made a big-time industry out of predicting the future via a big, fat rodent named Punxsutawney Phil. As dawn breaks, he is lured from his little lair/burrow/whatever you call it-! If he/we see his shadow, it means six more weeks of winter is coming.

Or, maybe that the sun is out today.

If there is no shadow, then spring is right around the corner.

A rodent meterologist is born.

In any event, the little guy who looks like a hamster on steroids, is making big bucks for the small town.cr They have all sorts of special celebrations, gatherings and memorabilia to mark the day. It’s a fun idea in the midst of dark and dreary winter days and has been happening since 1887.

As silly as it sounds, consider how many people link their futures to events or influences just as strange as Punxsy Phil: consulting their horoscope, a crystal ball, tea leaves or even following/replicating the every move of a loved one. I once worked with a guy who told me of his son who had a high school sweetheart and the two followed each other to the same university. The first week of the first semester was not even over and the two broke up. Kind of crazy to base your life on that….

crPhil has a competitor on Staten Island in New York named Chuck. Just like ill-planned futures, sometimes these rodents emerge, tired and cranky from being awakened, and bite their handler-!

Folks, the future is a terrible thing to waste. Have fun, enjoy a good laugh, but take life planning very seriously. You’ve only got one shot at this, make it count for good. When in doubt, ditch the rodent and handle with prayer and wise counsel. This will get you to where you need to go.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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