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Why Be a Russian Dual Citizen?

Passports_US_RUSSIANParanoia and widespread suspicion are moving across Russia like low-lying storm clouds bent on unleashing their fury.  A new law bans US-funded non-profits, and prohibits Russian-Americans with dual citizenship from holding top positions in the NGOs.  And now the anti-dual citizen sentiment has spread to journalists, namely Vladimir Pozner, as though he has questionable loyalties.

Let’s just think this through.  Why in the world would any dual citizen choose to live in Russia if he were not loyal?  Why not write or broadcast from abroad when everyone in the global game is so close to one another with the click of a computer, or the touch pad of a phone?

Is there any benefit to being a dual citizen of Russia and another10359924-russian-money-and-two-passports-close-up-objects country these days?  Not as President Putin continues his public relations nightmare, demonizing anyone who would dare hold another passport and questioning their devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, and faithfulness, as though a passport was the all-knowing litmus test.

His statements, along with the Duma’s dubious bill-writing is leading to all-out alienation with those whom Putin should be wooing.  This is not the way to win millions of Russian ex-pats into coming home for the holidays and beyond.  To put it bluntly, those who still hold Russian citizenship, along with that of another nation, are not feeling the love.

Putin, it’s time to put on a happy face, pucker up, and make up.  A little honey will attract many more to your cause than the heavy hammer and sickle approach.



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  1. avatar sarah says:

    Hello Alexandra, This is a great post. I was surprised to hear the Russian who lives in the USA who used to prepare my kids post placement reports has let her Russian Passport lapse. She is in Pittsburgh and said it is so difficult to renew the Russian passport in the NY Consulate that she isn’t going to pay the fees for someone to do and she is just letting it lapse. She has married an American so she is applying for her US citizenship. It says a lot that she has no interest in going back. Ever.

    Yesterday was my Sasha’s 6th Birthday party in England and we had 30 kids at a farm/kids play place. We brought our little friend M an Oligarch’s son. It was really tough to get them to let us bring him as he is never at any events. I worked hard to get our little friend permission to come after they checked us out. Honestly, for the first time I understand why they aren’t out and about. Jim and I were terrified the whole time he would be taken. The gates to get in their property, The four guards I had to pass to get to the house once I was allowed into the compound were polite but, it is menacing to have them all over. I have to say for future parties in public places I will not be bringing him along with us as it is too scary unless one of the chauffeurs/ guards will stay. He is such a lovely child but, wow is it scary. One of the whistle blowers over the Hermitage/Sergei Magnitsky debacle was mysteriously found dead on the street in front of his home in his gated neighbourhood where little M lives right by us a few months ago. It is such a shame that this Reign of Terror continues to dominate Russia and Russians. I am not sure it will ever end.

    • avatar admin says:

      I believe the the Reigns of Terror are cyclical, Sarah, and every nation has to learn, sometimes the hard way. The Tsar wasn’t the most egalitarian, but then the Bolsheviks were a mess. Mubarak in Egypt had his problems, but the Muslim Brotherhood is 10x worse. Now it’s Syria and Mali and Russia….

      What a wonderful thing that you reached out to the Oligarch’s son for Sasha’s birthday party! And S’Dnyom Rozhdeniyah to him! I remember having to travel extensively internationally when our first son came home. Since he couldn’t speak English, I made no apologies about taking him into the ladies’ room wherever at 8 years old. Then it became 9, and 10, and… finally a maid yelled at me in German in one of the first-class lounges in Frankfurt, lol, and I told her there was no way that he was going into a men’s room in a foreign country alone. The stalls are floor to ceiling (mini-rooms), so I didn’t see what the big deal was, but truly, in this day and age, security is a big deal. And I’m no Oligarch!

      There are more Russian “operatives” outside of Russia today than during the height of the Cold War. We’ve had some Russians turn up dead/kipnapped here, too.

      I’m not sure that there’s any type of law that says you must update your Russian Passport (unless you’re traveling there). As in most countries, not updating the Passport doesn’t affect citizenship. She could formally renounce, but that’s also a lot of paperwork, etc. (They’ve got you one way or another-!)

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