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Why Do People Own Snakes?

Snake 07Is it just me? I don’t like snakes. Not in the wild, not in zoos, not in cages. Nope, no thanks.

And now a 31-year-old snake lover in southern England was found suffocated to death in a room where he housed his snakes. The pet python was loose and the man was dead.


I hear about pythons multiplying in the Florida swamps like bunnies in an Easter parade. Snakes getting loose on planes. There was the case of baby cobras being smuggled into the US in potato chip cans.

Ewww.King Brown Snake

What is the fascination? Who wants to play with snakes? Does it give them a sense of superiority or power? Do they think they’re dancing with the devil?

I don’t get it.

snakesThey’re cold-blooded creatures. They’re not warm and cuddly. What’s to like?

I mean, really? Seriously?

There. I said it.

I’m glad we had this talk.

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