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Why Good Friday is Good

crMy husband had some employees years ago who came from an animist nation in Africa. They had never heard of Good Friday. Always greeting me in French, they were wonderful young gentlemen, polite and kind, having grown up with multiple mothers in a polygamous Muslim setting. In many ways, we became their extended family, and they knew they could ask us anything as they navigated their way to a new life in America.

“Please, sir, could you tell us why today is ‘good’?” they asked Benedetto one Good Friday.

He spoke to them about mankind and injustices and wrongs and forgiveness. He told of, no matter how crgood we might try to be, we tend to fall short, we need God’s forgiveness that we are not living in the way that He designed. We need to pick up the pieces and start over, with hope, with the slate wiped clean. We need to accept that God sent His Son to be the sacrifice on our behalf, our Passover Lamb, who would take away the sin of the world for as many as would call upon His name, Jesus.

He suffered, He died, on our behalf. He was a man without sin, the Son of God, the light of the world. By His sacrifice on the cross, we are free, to as many as receive Him.

cr“Oh, sir, I am very sorry, but that does not sound ‘good’-! An innocent man would die on my behalf-!” Mamadou, Yaya and Baibai exclaimed.

“The good news is that Jesus did not stay dead. He rose from the grave and was seen by many of His disciples,” Benedetto explained. “He won the victory over death, hell and the grave.”

The men spoke of eyewitness accounts, how if this had not been the case that public opinion would not bear the unsubstantiated rumors, how hundreds and then crthousands and then millions would not give their lives in martyrdom over centuries for a lie. They heard of hope in Jesus, a god who was not afar off, but was touched by our pain so much that He came to take it away.
This is good news — the Gospel. Open your heart to Him today.

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