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Why I Am Not Buying from China

IMG_1323 A number of the things we all buy happen to be manufactured in China.  This is semi-unavoidable.  However, I recently made the mistake of my life by buying mail-order items from China.

 What possessed me, I cannot say.  Perhaps the low prices (90% off!), or the knock-off designer looks.  I don’t have a lot of time to spend on shopping, whether online, or particularly in-person.  Whatever my reasons for bypassing my better judgment, it was not smart.  All I can say now is stupid, stupid, stupid.

 Benedetto, patriot that he is, stands for “Buy American”.  And I agree when it’s possible on large-ticket items.  But probably all of my small-ticket items are adding up…. 

 We have both actually bypassed items that we know are made in places such as Burma/Myanmar, where 40% of IMG_1327children never attend school at all, being forced to work as laborers (or child soldiers), and only 25% ever complete the 5-year primary education course.

 Now I’m ready to boycott China whenever possible.  Do you want to hear my tale of woe?

 Dummy me, I purchased a number of pieces of clothing.  (Well, with prices like these, even including the shipping, you end up saving a lot!)  Some arrived within three weeks, others took up to three months.  They were grouped into subgroup after subgroup, arriving in dribs and drabs.

 I excitedly pulled out the first jackets.  They looked small, but I proceeded to try them on.

 IMG_1316Smaller than small.  I could barely slip my arm inside.  The buttons on the chest did not meet.  Maybe there was a mistake?

 Contacting the company by e-mail, they were polite, yet insisted that I had ordered such a size.  If it said “L” on the label, then it was a large.  If I didn’t want a large, why had I ordered a large?

 Yes, I explained, I ordered a “large” because that would be 36-38” according to their size charts, and a 10/12 in American sizes.  But these pieces were microscopic, measuring a measly 30”-!  My teen daughters couldn’t fit into them, either.

 What to do?  We e-mailed back and forth, them insisting that I take photos of said jackets with a measuring tape IMG_1315spread across them as “evidence”.

 Which I did.  Further eating up my precious time, keeping all of these myriad packages together with shipping and packing labels, spreading out the items, buying an old-fashioned yardstick from the hardware store, one that would not reflect in the camera, one that would be crystal-clear in its wooden measurements of 15” (x 2) across the chest. 

 A skimpy 30” that I supposedly had ordered. 


 Bye-bye, China, I’m done with the nonsense.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Give us the company name! I can’t stand to have my time wasted like this.

    • avatar admin says:

      I know, isn’t that ridiculous? I’m waiting to see their latest response (along with the College Board, who now says they have scored the test, but we must “wait 10 days to receive the results in the mail”). I really think the whole world is going nuts!

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