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Why Not to Ignore Valentine’s Day

Valentine-s-day-valentines-day-19454698-635-635Before the holidays in December, Benedetto heard two guy-friends chatting.  The first one, married under five years, mentioned that his wife said she didn’t need anything when he asked what he could get her as a gift.

“So I’m good to go,” he laughed.  “She said she doesn’t want anything!”

“And you believed her-?!” the more-experienced guy expressed his shock.  “No, no, no….”


“No, definitely get her something.”Valentines-Day-Gift-Wallpapers2

“Oh, man….”

Up walks Benedetto and echoes the idea that you can’t do “nothing” on holidays and get away with it.  A token gift, a meaningful gesture, a blossom picked from your own garden, a weekend in Paris or Venice if you must.  So they steered the friend out of the rough and back onto the course, where he faced the holidays, his wife’s birthday, and their anniversary all in the space of one month’s time.

GiftCardStore-Rack-LARGE-2He emerged unscathed.

Now, as Valentine’s Day looms on the horizon, the folks at Ebates.com conducted a nationwide survey and came up with the following gift choices by gender:

Gifts American Men Want Most for Valentine’s Day:

1.  Gift card to their favorite store

2.  Chocolate

3.  Clothes

4.  SmartphoneiPhone-5S-Gold

5.  Other electronics

Bouquet-002Gifts American Women Want Most for Valentine’s Day:

1.  Flowers

2.  Gift card to their favorite store

3.  Chocolate

4.  Jewelry

5.  Clothes

Guys and gifts cards, I can understand, but chocolates as one of the top two for a man?  That really surprised me, valentines day gift for boyfriend (10)not that I don’t glimpse Benedetto late at night nibbling this or that….

A gift card for a woman is another matter.  Really?  A woman that you’re dating, or married to?  I would imagine that it’s better to allow her the choice in getting what she really wants, rather than purchasing something and having to return or exchange it.  Yet, a gift card strikes me as fairly impersonal for a lady.

You know your special squeeze best of all.  Whether it’s time together, making a bit of an effort, or just kind words, you’re basically investing in your own future.  Commercialism need not be a part of it, but in our culture, it generally makes an appearance.

Valuing and celebrating your mate should be an everyday occurrence, not just on holidays.  So make it count this Valentine’s.  There’s still a week and a half left to plan.



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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Ooh I’m going to send this link to my husband. He could send it to several of his friends, too! Thank you. This VDay may go well!

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