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Wild Animals Acting… Wild

scottiesOkay, this should be self-evident, but apparently it’s not: wild animals are… wild.

No matter how well you train them, play with them, and feed them, they are not domesticated and don’t want to be.

I know. I have two Scotties. Though they are sweet, loveable and cuddly, they have their wild sides, too. And they weigh all of 20 pounds or so.

A lion is over 500 pounds. A brown bear in Yellowstone National Park might weigh up to almost 800 pounds.   Big difference.

But wild is wild. Anyone with kids knows that. They also know to keep their distance and never turn their back on them.


Bison-wildAn American bison attacked a 62-year-old Australian man in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park in June and a 15-year-old Taiwanese girl a few weeks earlier. the second such incident in a month and a reminder that the large, territorial animals are unpredictable, experts say. The man was tossed in the air several times and seriously injured, while the girl was gored. Not a happy ending to a summer vacay.

Both were taking pictures a little too close for comfort.

Bison are said to weigh 1,000 (females) to 2,000 pounds (males), or almost 500 to 1,000 kilos. TigerThey don’t like to be crowded or taunted. Park rangers say that visitors should try to stay at least 75 feet away at all times. Bisons can run approximately 30 miles per hour.

Then there’s the case of the US dentist killing a well-known, beloved lion in Zimbabwe, only to be followed later by a lion killing a native safari guide leading tourists on a photo expedition of the wildlife.

Wild animals don’t forget. Wild animals don’t like us invading their territory. Wild animals want to be left alone and do not yet grasp the idea of a selfie.

And now a zoo-keeper who has worked with tigers for the past eight years is killed by one of his charges.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Why can’t we just leave them alone and admire from afar?


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