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Wild Boars and the Breakup of an ISIS Ambush

wild-boar.tnNow, I may be in the minority of highly-educated, level-headed people, but personally, I really believe the miracles of the Bible. I’ve seen too many outright miracles in my life, things that no way, no how, could have ever happened apart from a suspension of the natural realm. That’s perhaps why, when I read of wild boars charging and killing three ISIS terrorists in northern Iraq, it reminds me of a New Testament miracle.

You know, the one where the demon-possessed man (or two men depending on Angry Boar Matthew’s or Luke’s account), who shrieked and broke all restraints, living in caves and tombs, was set free and delivered by Jesus (Luke 8:26-37). When the townspeople observed the man, in his right mind, clothed and normal once again, sitting at the feet of Jesus, they were afraid, which may say something about societal norms and what is truly “normal”…. Anyway, the demons were cast into swine, who then rampaged.

The ISIS account reminded me of that. Three ISIS operatives, laying a deadly ambush, who cannot come into contact with any pig or pig product, lest they not go to Muslim heaven… are charged by wild, rampaging boars who put an end to them and their evil plans in one fell swoop.

Rather Biblical, epic proportions to this story. Also, leading many on social media to call for an import of vicious, wild pigs to Islamic terror hotspots in the world. Something to consider….


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