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Wild Women and Our Boys

chick_magnet_by_pinkysink-d4j3foaApparently, our teen boys are chick magnets. The fact that they don’t date has nothing to do with it, at least not that I can figure out. While I can understand possibly admiring a guy from afar, there are some pretty aggressive young ladies out there these days….

“What happened?” I asked my husband.

“Apparently some girl sat in a golf cart that Petya was cleaning and kept inching closer and closer to him….”

“She works there?”

“At the time, but now I think she’s left for school. Anyway, he scootedpds-golf-cart out the other side of the cart as she was commenting on his muscles and asking if he worked out….”

“Oh, yuck.”

“It gets better. She had a tattoo,” he laughs.

“What? A tattoo-?!”

Despite the fact that tattoos are de rigeur in certain segments of society, the country club is not the place.

“He told me, ‘Papa, I just don’t like girls with tattoos–.’”

emb_r_2aThe two of us laugh uncontrollably, as though we’re teens ourselves. All I can think of is thank goodness the girl had a tattoo….

Then there’s the case of Pasha the pushover. He doesn’t understand half of the conversations going on around him… and it appears that the young ladies don’t care at all. He simply has to smile, keep quiet, and repeat one or two lines of their own back to them, while they’re talking non-stop and swooning.

Oh, yuck.

We were at the Russian Embassy (more on that later) when he had russian-women-jenya-gaze-1yet another encounter, this time with a tall, thin blond who could have been his twin, but about 10 years older.

“Pasha,” I told him later, “I think she was a bit too old for you….”

I’m half teasing and half serious. Meanwhile, he basks in the glow of any recognition, the sillier the better.

Two boys, lots of attention, one avoids it, the other enjoys it. What’s a mother to do?


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  1. avatar abby says:

    If you can keep the two of them together sounds like they’d make a good team! We’ve noticed in our area too that girls are becoming pushier. WE were never like that, hah!

    • avatar admin says:

      We were not like that either, Abby! I hear you, lol. I keep threatening that Pasha’s going to have to live in somebody’s basement when they all grow up– and it’s not going to be mine! 🙂

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