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Will the Ceasefire Hold in Ukraine?

thAccording to US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, highly unlikely. She alleges that Putin continues to ship heavy weapons and troops across the border to the separatists operating in Ukraine.

Much of the west tends to agree. They do not trust the Russian president. At all.

Other commentators argue that, rather than ukraine-2-19-1accuse him of wrongdoing, we should go with the flow and let him save face. President Putin needs to emerge with his dignity intact and understand the reality of post-Soviet Russia.


So we should be saving face rather than saving lives. That’s a hard sell in much of the west.

putin_war_ukraineI say bravo (or technically brava to a woman) for having the nerve to speak up. She lambasted Russia’s ability to sign agreements and then do everything in their power to undermine them, crossing borders at whim.

Will there be a ceasefire? Will Russia take it seriously?

It appears that the ball is in Putin’s court and other than shooting tigers and riding horses and plunging into freezing rivers to swim… we don’t know how he is at taking turns and playing games fairly.

The whole world watches, tovarish.


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