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Wiped. Out.

Have you ever passed-out after a really big project?  Might be adoption, or a report that’s due, or a home renovation.  It becomes larger-than-life… and takes over your life!  And then, one day, just as soon as it began, it’s over.  Done.  Finito.

And you crash.

A really heavenly type of crash, curled up in bed or on the couch, nobody to bother you (there’s wishful thinking!), sleeping, snoring, mouth open, maybe not emerging for a couple of hours.  That’s how long I sometimes sleep at night.

And here it was the middle of the afternoon that I konked out the other day.  Delightful.  Wondrous.  Restorative.

Naturally, I made up for it that night by staying up waaay too late, but that’s life.

Without sufficient rest, researchers tell us that we are more susceptible to sickness and vulnerable to aging more rapidly, in general.  Driving while sleepy is also more dangerous than driving drunk, so I know it’s important that we get our rest.  And they say that real rest calls for at least eight hours a night.

Wow.  No wonder I needed a nap.

For me, being on the go physically all the time can be rough, but when my mental and emotional energy is sapped, it takes more of a toll.  Sometimes we simply need to listen to our inner selves and take a break.

How do you refresh yourself, or are you too exhausted to talk about it?



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