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Women and Difficult Medical Decisions

4559936-1801x2700It’s been a week now, since Angelina Jolie shared with the world about her double mastectomy.  I used the news item as a learning moment for our children, not that they know who the actress in, nor much about breast cancer.  I explained the desperation, or determination, that one must have to make such a decision based on the desire to live a long and full life.

The more I considered such a gene, and the high probability that it may strike again from your mother’s generation to yours, the more I wondered if men were ever faced with such decisions.  I don’t know:  has it ever been considered to lop off parts of their bodies in order to increase their chances for survival?

A mastectomy sounds so primitive to our modern ears.  And yet, we have reconstructive surgery and so many image-skinoptions.  Granted, this gene does not apply to 99% of the population, yet, similar to a car wreck, we swivel our heads and thank the Lord that we were not involved.  I have only admiration for an actress, a public figure, who would come forward to share such a personal decision, indeed as others have in the past.  May it help someone, somewhere.

An abortion also seems horrific for so many reasons, particularly those heralded in the news these days with the Pennsylvania butcher-abortionist who appeared to care nothing for women, nor for their unborn babies, even those late-term ones who dared to live, and he dared to murder.  That’s not human, and it’s definitely not humane.  In my opinion, abortion should never have to happen to a woman, much less a baby.

Do men have any comparable medical decisions?  How about a hysterectomy?  Maybe a vasectomy comes close, but not really.

ECA_019Nowadays, we think of medical “procedures” and it’s probably best for our mental health that we don’t ponder our physical health too extensively.  Basically, it’s butchering the body in order to have a chance at life.

I’m so sorry that women have to face such decisions in 2013.  But to realize that there are others of us, thinking of our sisters going through unspeakable measures, praying that they come out whole on the other side, hopefully eases the pain and psychic shock if even only a bit.

We stand with you, arm in arm.


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