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Women in Danger Worldwide

bp1It’s dangerous out there, people, and particularly dangerous for women in a whole lot of the world. Things are not getting better, and if anything, becoming worse in an ever-widening swath on the globe. In an election year, there’s a need for decisive steps to save our country and those elsewhere requiring help.

It’s not a popular thought.

Yemeni child brides sold for the dowry money by parents impoverished by civil war,
over 1200 German women sexually attacked and raped predominantly Michelle-described-on-German-television-how-she-was-attacked-during-New-Years-Eve-celebrations-in-Cologne.image-www.crimefiles.net_by Muslim refugees on New Year’s Eve, India beginning the practice of female-only buses in light of the danger of women taking public transportation on crowded buses, sexual enslavement of women by ISIS and Boko Haram. In Islamic countries, wives are now often divorced by their husbands via cellphone or FaceBook saying, “Talaaq, talaaq, talaaq” (“I divorce you”) three times.

qaaWe need strength and deterrence to protect those unable to fully protect themselves. The Kurds and the Israelis survive in very dangerous surroundings specifically because they are armed. Other minority groups such as Middle Eastern Christians do not fare so well, along with women in general.

Remember when charitable organizations were helping Afghani girls get an education? Even when acid would be thrown on them as they walked to school? And now the latest report is a 6-year-old girl married off to an elderly Muslim cleric there.

Hug your wife, daughter, sister, mother today. Then stand up for those in need. Become involved and read about what you might do to advocate for women worldwide. Unfortunately, things are not getting a whole lot better.


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