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Women Taking Over the World: On the Back of a Napkin

women-talking-at-tableGot together with my gal pals over coffee. Some of the regulars couldn’t come, allowing me time to bond with a few new friends. Absolutely amazing.

What great ladies. What fabulous ideas. It’s then that we hatched our plan to take over the world on the back of a napkin.

In a way, I’m joking. On the other hand, not so much. I jotted down idea after idea of things in our immediate environment that we could improve. Rather than enter them into my phone or a tablet, I just made notes on the back of a napkin.

They brought me more. These were women on a mission.

In a day when women still earn 78 cents compared with every dollar that a man earns, Millennial Americannapkin women are now outpacing men in earning college degrees, 27% to 21%. Overall, only about 23% of the population hold a Bachelor’s degree, which surprised me. Somehow, I thought the number was closer to half and half, or 50%, but the clear news was that women were pulling ahead, not the women of my generation, although these new friends were definitely sharp ladies.

I didn’t poll them as to their educational attainments. Yet, I knew plenty of peers with no degrees, which again, surprised me when I actually sat down and considered specific friends. I thought it was closer to 50-75%.

Maybe we all need to go out to a cafe and strategize on some napkins. It could work wonders.


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