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Women’s Hair in Executive Gigs

thNot that I’m schizo or anything, but archaeology is not my only gig. Most days, I’m in the executive realm, wondering what to do with my hair. Even when traveling hair items (hairdryer, flat iron, hot rollers) consume a disproportionate amount of my handcarry luggage.

You see, I have Afro hair— wavy, frizzy, out-of-control, and no, please don’t tell me to let it go “au naturel”.

The world would not be a better place. At all.

I wish it were simply curly. Or simply straight.th

Yes, I’ve tried all of the products from mousses to waxes, to straighteners to pomades. Anti-frizz serum. That helps the tiny frizzies. But really, my hair mirrors an untamed lion.

I am non-executive woman hair, hear me roar.

Whenever I am here or there, I try to figure out other executive women’s hair. Inevitably, it is straight. In a couple of rarer cases, uncontrollably, yet beautifully curly. And never the twain shall meet. Maybe they were born to the corner office.

The-High-Bun-hairstylesWhat about the rest of us? I try buns, also known more elegantly as the chignon, the French twist which invariably pops out no matter how many combs or pins or other apparatuses I employ. On a regular basis, I can tame my hair well enough, and receive many compliments, it’s when the dreaded humidity hits that all bets are off.

And we’re talking humidity over .05%. Some days I’m happy with anything under 70%….

I’ve thought of super-short. That could save a whole lot of time, but personally I kind of like longer. Hairdressers have suggested baseball caps. Um, thanks.

I’ve sometimes put it into a loose chignon and then whipped out the rubber band just before a wavy-hairstyles-for-womenmeeting. That seems to calm and loosely straighten the squiggles, yet it still turns out to appear something like a country music star’s long and wavy hair.

Perhaps that’s as good as it gets. I laugh when I think of the women who have waves chemically put into their hair.

But today is a rainy day and this is where I am….


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