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Women’s March on Washington Didn’t Want Women Like You and Me

women-s-marchI stand for women… while being cultured and polite. I believe in women accomplishing their goals… and in being married. I think that women’s rights are vital… along with the rights of the unborn.

And if you take a look at those headlining the Women’s March of last Saturday, you won’t find many fitting that profile.

Instead, there were angry women hurling profanities at men, at the president, at life. Personally, it seemed more like women… trying to act… like the worst of men.

How does that help anything?

By anyone’s count, there may have been, at most, a total of one million angry, profanity-wielding, imageWhite House-threatening women participating across various cities, out of a potential 162 million women (including female girls) in America. Hardly a mandate, especially given that the majority of white women had just voted 53 to 47 percent in favor of Donald Trump. Their counterparts were the women who had put on their big-girl pants during the election to overlook their personal affinities when voting solely on the issues of importance to them: skyrocketing healthcare, unrestricted immigration, a bottom-of-the-barrel economy and a country ashamed of itself in so many ways.

Apparently, there was a fringe, a minority, now hot and bothered that they had lost to being “the voice” of American women. They needed to lift their voices, throw tantrums, shout and scream and curse in order to be heard.  The women’s march actually told pro-life women to stay away.


ashley-juddWhere were the women who are ladies, who are strong, and wise, and nurturing? Where were the women who could work all day and all night, and yet have time to do something special for their husband or kids? Where were the women who speak their mind and firmly make their satisfaction or dissatisfaction known, but carry themselves with class?

In other words, can’t women march and be strong and not descend into crudeness and craziness?

Apparently not this group.

Yet, to typify all American women in this way, when it was possibly one million out of a potential 162 million women is hardly noteworthy. But the big mouths and the outrageous acts generally receive front-page coverage, led by actors, that’s right, those who act for a living.

Let’s see what happens this Friday when the National March for Life happens, always over one million peaceful marchers in Washington, DC, and generally, totally ignored by the press. They walk, they pray, they sing or chant instead of screaming, cursing and threatening to blow up government buildings.

Let’s see what kind of coverage they receive by the impartial American press.

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