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Wooly Bear Caterpillars and Winter

WoolyBearIs it a folk legend, a myth, or nature’s way of preparing for a harsh winter when it comes to observing the wooly bear caterpillar?  Some might claim all of the above.

While no definitive studies have been done, there’s a whole lot of speculation going on.  All I know is that, while doing archaeology this fall in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, these caterpillars virtually carpeted the ground.  The sheer number of them astounded me.  Maybe they were headed for deep hibernation from the impending cold winter?

If November and December are any indication, it’s been colder and snowier than usual in the Mid-Atlantic, not to mention wildwoolly bear storms across the West, Mid-West, and even Europe.

So much for global warming.  We’re talking a mini Ice Age.

Certain observers of the wooly caterpillar say that the fall color of the moths-to-be might offer portents of upcoming weather, for instance, the narrower the band of brown or orange in the middle of the body, the more severe the winter will be.  An all-black caterpillar means:  look out, start stocking canned goods, candles, and firewood.

hm-hagerstown-town-and-country-almanack-woolly-001Try as I might, I cannot recall the color of the caterpillars I observed back in October.  Maybe I should review my photos of the little creatures.

All I’m sure of is that there were a huge number of them, kind of like birds flocking south for the winter.  Does it mean anything?  No idea.  Should I consult the Farmer’s Almanac?  No idea.  Should we all gather some extra provisions?

Possibly so.  (Never mind the upcoming weekend warm-up.)

You heard it here first at 3-D.  A wild winter is coming. So say the wooly bear caterpillars.  Or maybe they just wanted to go out for a walk en masse.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    You have me chuckling now! Learn something new every day. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if there are any wooly ones around here.

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