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Working Out With Your Dog: Doggy Dream-Away

crMost everyone knows that people with dogs are generally more in shape than those without dogs— they walk them, they play with them, they brush them, they bend down and pet them…. The feel-good hormones of dopamine and serotonin surge and the human family enjoys better heart health, skin health, mental health and so much more!

But here’s an aspect that you may not have heard of: middle-of-the-night workouts.

Yes, there are, of course, those nocturnal or early-morning walks when your little guy or gal (or big guy cror gal-!) needs to go out to do their business. But that’s not where we’re going.

Instead, here’s the workout: letting the dog sleep on the bed.

I know from experience that you will receive more of a workout than any yoga or pilates class. Our bigger Scottie, Misha, was always my big baby— he needs to be with me at night. Our smaller guy, Grisha, revolves around Benedetto and needs to be with him.

So we each have our own snuggler, the dogs insisting that we put our legs this way or that, slowwwly pushing us or the blanket off of the bed-! Then we scoot them back toward our desired place for them, reclaiming whatever square centimeter of bed space we can grab.

crIt’s a workout.

Do we awaken better rested, or simply with a better workout?

Six of one, half a dozen of the other…. On the one hand, the peaceful and tranquil feeling that one experiences when a dog plunks down on top of your legs and passes into a blissful, deep sleep within 60 seconds flat… has to be balanced with the twisting, shifting, squeezing, while simultaneously being pinned down… if that makes sense.

It’s the latest workout: Doggy Dream-Away-!

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