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Wrinkle-Free Sleeping

Sleep-on-backAnd the business that I tried to turn down yesterday has returned today. A 30-year-old PhD needs me, plus his whole team, which causes some stress, along with another group of clients reaching out to me, whom I also try to dissuade from working with me, for similar reasons. I’m not sure it’s a great fit, but maybe it’s time that I stretch. I guess I’m nervous because I like to over deliver. However, the more I try to direct them elsewhere, the more they’re convinced that I am their one and only answer.

Lol, it may be a reverse-psychology tactic.

Which brings me to the subject of sleep and my need for more. Recently, I’ve been feeling quite old and somewhat haggard, definitely due to numerous non-stop pressures of life and sleeplessness.

Now I hear that sleeping on one’s side can increase wrinkles, not that I have many wrinkles, but every step in the right direction counts.pillow They must call it beauty sleep for a reason.  And of course, the older we grow, the worse our eyes become, so maybe I’m not even seeing wrinkles that others observe-! Personally, sleeping on my back is not a possibility, I like to snuggle deep into a soft pillow.

I also understand that not removing one’s makeup for even one night can age you something like ten years, if not ten decades, overnight, lol. Yet, wouldn’t it make sense that, if you’re so over-exhausted that you can barely fall into bed, that you might not take an extra five minutes to properly cleanse and moisturize your face? That’s not my problem, I tend to be fairly vigilant about cleansing every night, but I make a note of it, just in case:

Remove makeup at night.
Eliminate stressors.
Sleep 7-8 hours per night, on your back, if possible.

Enter the fountain of youth!

In general, this is the routine I aim to follow. However, now during this very busy time of life, I have to encourage myself once again.

It’s worth a try.


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