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Writing Holiday Cards to Russia

Russian_lettersMoi: “Who wants to write?”

Eyes shift in my direction, suspicious, uneasy, vaguely compliant and amenable.

The kids: “I will,” says one.

“Okay…” says another, semi-reluctantly.

They’re not necessarily against it. It just that they will probably hear nothing back, plus, it takes time and russiaeffort and thought to write in Russian. I know. I’m there with the best of them. I have relatives and people I need to write in Russian, or in Hebrew, or in a variety of other languages. And of course, it all happens in December when there are oodles of additional responsibilities….

writingMoi: “Your director?” I inquire of one who has written to his babushka.

He groans.

Moi: “I could write to your former internat (orphanage boarding school) director, but it would probably be after mid-January….” I calculate my time, adding, “Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last?’ Those were African-Americans realizing they were free, they had nothing to fear any more from those in their past….”

Him: “Yes, but they didn’t have to write letters back to them, either.”

Russian funny alphabet

Russian funny alphabet

Moi: “You know, you have a point….”

Thus is goes. We let loads of comrades halfway around the world know that the kids are alive, well, and thriving. We send holiday cards and a photo or two and likely will receive no response in return.

But it’s the thought that counts. The kids are happy, healthy and they have plenty of joy to share with those who likely kept them alive and fed during the worst of times.


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