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Writing My Son’s Resume’

Petya is 14 years old and ready to take over the world.  In his empire-building scheme, he is entering Tenth Grade and beginning dual enrollment in college.  The new twist revolves around the fact that he feels he should be interning somewhere.

We may have taken him to one too many colonial villages where he was encouraged to “Apprentice, young man!” and make his own way in life by the age of 10 or 11.

The idea came to us at the crack of dawn one day as he and I engaged in our early-morning athletic exercises.  In the still, morning air, only birds and squirrels in the park were witness to our eureka moment.

“Petya!  Do you know whose office is just around the corner?” the sudden realization dawned.

“Whose?” he asked enthusiastically.

I called the name of an organization that would probably interest him greatly.

Bingo.  He heard the angels sing.

“Would it be possible to intern there?” he wondered excitedly.

“We can see—why not?” I laughed, giving him a high-five as we sweated on.

Why not, I mimicked to myself.  I’ll tell you why not, I semi-wanted to kick myself for holding out some hope to him, but I really had felt inspired in the moment.  Most internships in our urban area were reserved for those in the 16+ age range, if not undergrads and grad students in university.  Technically, I guess he could be considered an undergrad who happened to be doing high school on the side.  Maybe in this economy, they all hoped to work for pay, and the internships would be wide open….

And so, I commenced writing my son’s resume’, simultaneously both raw and refined at such a tender age.  He’s actually had some brief experience in the field in question (brief as in “Blink and it would be over”), he does speak a few languages to various degrees, types 50 wpm, and makes a mean cup of coffee.  All useful interning skills, I’m sure.  Through his parents, he’s made some useful international contacts that may be of interest, as well.  I decide to leave out the fact that he can’t spell squat.

After crafting the creative Curriculum Vitae, I ponder the hours, expected or imagined, of an intern.  Petya was a young man with places to go, things to do, and people to see.  His tennis tournaments were taking up larger chunks of time.  He would need to carve out extra hours for college courses and discussions with his cohort.  Would four hours a week be laughable to such a firm?

All we could do was try.  And that was adventure enough for now.






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  1. avatar Kathleen says:

    Hope all works out and he has a great experience!

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