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Yo! Russia! You Want Our Kids or Not? (or Is This Just Some Scripted Reality Show?)

951A cloud of confusion covers Mother Russia, fueled by public officials who are obviously existing in an altered state, enjoying their own form of “reality” that’s no TV show fit for any viewing audience.  Everyone from Pavel Astakhov, Children’s Rights Commissioner, to President Vladimir Putin, to Senator Nikolay Kondratenko from Krasnodarsky Krai, all seem to be giddy and staggering from power, similar to a World-Wide Wrestling Federation match.

Bam!  Pow!  Ka-boom!

It’s all a staged fight with American adoptive parents as their sparringpavel-astakhov-children-ombudsman-051210jpg-d5c5bccec161e9fd partners.  Occasionally,  a child wanders into the ring.  The three on the Russian team have no problem knocking the child to the ground, all in the interest of “protecting him”.

Think of our four children, adopted from Russia at older ages, all born to abusive and neglectful alcoholics of one kind or another who refused to bathe, feed, clothe or educate the waifs, taking out their wrath upon them and using them as punching bags.  Where were Astakhov, Putin, and Kondratenko to advocate for them?

1253659959_kolohostru_nikolay_kondratenko_sovet_federaziy_genYet, let the children be adopted to America with much pomp and circumstance, after announcing in court that yes, at least three Russian families have indeed visited, inspected, and rejected the substandard children as unsuitable for their homes, and therefore, as a last resort, they would be allowed to be dispatched to America.

And now that the teens are progressing in their Russian-American “good life”, Kondratenko calls for “all children whom you received from us, return to Russia”.

Oh, okay.  Right away.  Should we put them on a plane like Artyom Savelyev’s mother, Torry-Ann Hansen, did in April 2010 and stamp “Return to Sender” on their foreheads?  Didn’t that create quite a stir, back in the day?

Do you want our kids, or not?  Are they truly Russian rejects, or are they your very best, Creme de la Creme?  Make up yourRussianOrphans01-2 minds.

What a bunch of gloopee (foolish) guys.

Astakhov, charged with protecting the innocents, asserts that many of the adopted children hail from Russia’s Far East, which is America’s secret way of depopulating the areas brimming with natural gas and oil reserves.  Who creates such a sensational script?

street_children2Perhaps Astakhov, a master at self-promotion, with enough Russian reality shows in TV and radio format featuring himself (who would have thought-???!!!) to rival the combined programs of Big Brother, Survivor, and Hulk Hogan.

In case the world hasn’t figured it out, yet, the Russian wrestlers of Astakhov, Putin,  Kondratenko and their ilk are all a bunch of actors.  They’re out to razzle, and dazzle, causing you to boo or cheer.  Most are villains because America has already gobbled up the best roles of saints and good guys.  What’s a villain to do, but insist that they are protecting the orphans, while simultaneously tying them down to the train tracks?

What can we say but, “Bravi!” to the gloopee guys pitching such shtick to an unsuspecting international audience?  Some7 days, it appears that the wrestling is real, but most days, most of the horrified public can figure it out for what it really is:  unabashed promotion on the backs of the children

Well, folks, the reality show has gone awry.  The troika has shown themselves to be Amateur Apprentices, in need of an Extreme Makeover, while the Russian orphans remain the Biggest Losers.





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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Girl, you have a way with words! Fantastic blog post.
    On the adoption talk, I’m trying to log-in. Any advice?

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Shelley, and thanks to everyone for trying to log-in to the Adoption Talk. Like me, we’re all guinea pigs right now, trying to figure it out as we work out the kinks. I’ll do an update soon, but for now, here’s how it goes:

      1. Go to main (home) 3-D page (not chat page).
      2. Go to right column (navigation) halfway down page: Adoption Talk Sign-in.
      3. Put in e-mail address.
      4. Password mailed to you.
      5. Plug-in e-mail & password, takes you to page to get personal password.
      6. Then you’re ready to go!

      Keep trying because I can’t “see” exactly what the average reader is seeing. Report back, either privately or here in the comments section. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

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