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Yom Kippur: Ashamnu

Yom_KippurThe Ten Days of Awe (“Yamim Noraim”) started with Rosh Hashana and draws to a close with Yom Kippur. This includes a full night-day-to-next-night total fast from food and water, along with repentance. The congregants place fist-to-heart striking symbolically and pointing to their own guilt while stating, “Ashamnu,” We have transgressed.

It got me to thinking: who today says that they have sinned? I mean, where have all the sinners Yom-Kippur2gone? Does anyone ever feel like they have missed the mark, or do they reject the notion that there are even benchmarks of morality and decency for which we need to reach?  Or do we need to ignore sin in order to avoid a savior?

We humble ourselves.


This is not a time to talk alternative lifestyles, doing our own thing, letting it all hang out, or letting me be me. This is the time to talk tachlis, as we say in Yiddish, to get to the heart of the matter whether we want to or not. Yom Kippur, that one day of the year when we specifically focus on repentance and turning from our own way to God’s way, will come, just like clockwork.

YomKippurJerusalem2I’ve heard sin explained as having the big “i” right in the middle—it’s all about me. And Yom Kippur reminds us that it’s time for a break, time to rest even from eating and drinking, while actually dealing with our sin instead of sweeping it under the rug that keeps shifting this way and that like a magic carpet gone awry.

Nice. Take a day, get right with God.

Maybe we should do this more often.


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