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You Are Not Alone

Adolescent Girl with Head in HandsThe trials of life come to us all at one time or another. Maybe a loved one’s personality has changed for the worse, and they don’t care any more. It could be a life-threatening illness or constant stress. The economy has thrown a wrench into many families’ plans.

At times, it can seem like too much to bear. Spouses flip-out, homes are repossessed, the job gives you a pink slip. The kids go astray, the health heads south, the neighbors or boss live to make you miserable.

It’s time to gather your support team. Let them help you, thencourage you, and lift you up.

But what happens when you have no one? Might be that you’re there for them, yet they’re not there for you. When push comes to shove, you feel abandoned.

You are not alone. God is with you if you’ll let Him. He will not abandon you in good times or in bad. When no one else can be counted on, He doesn’t bail.

He’s there to help you through this. The violence, the anger, the mood swings. The disrespect, the poor priorities, the indifference. The never measuring-up, the constant stress, the illness, the financial pressure.

baee9f6973c67d30e19f8663a15bdd40Maybe everyone else has checked-out, dropped-out, or flipped-out on you. Yet, God is there. He’s not leaving.

Call out to Him today. He’s listening and throwing you the life-preserver, no matter who else is tuning you out.  You’re not going under.

It’s going to be a Good Friday. In every way.


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