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You Can Script Your Own Reality

thOh yes, you can. Do you really believe that life is a random series of events? Not one to subscribe to the “everything-happens-for-a-reason” mindset, I still maintain that there are certain causes and effects coming into play.

So why not change that dynamic? Turn it around. Stop settling.

Alright, it may mean some time and energy expended that you don’t feel like you possess right now. I get it. To move out of the momentum of the status quo takes something out of you, and if you already feel beaten down, that’s a little difficult.

But consider it your flight to freedom.Change-Your-Life-Spells

You’ve been a captive-of-sorts for all these years. Look at it like your one big break. Get up and go.

Go where, you ask?

Go straight to the top. Revive your dreams of long ago. Aim for something worthwhile and stick with it. Forget the many voices pulling you this way and that. Go for what you know to be right.

Rewrite your reality and make it merry.


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