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You Can’t Go to the Slammer— It’s Your Birthday!

old-jailA funny thing happened on the way to Benedetto’s birthday party this week. One of the cities in which we lived informed him that he was in violation of one ordinance or another and would immediately be fined something to the tune of $1005/day, or he would need to spend the next 30 days in jail. What-???!!!

Turns out that it was a simple administrative error on their part, but it involved probably half a dozen people on our side and on theirs to prove that we were law-abiding citizens.

I told him he couldn’t go to the slammer: a birthday celebration was being planned for him on Thursday!

“Do you have that contract-?!” he replied as we both scrambled to clear his name.th

Long story short, after running around for the better part of a morning, the city apologized and all was well.

Have you ever heard of a city apologizing? Rather unheard-of.

Have you ever heard of sitting in the slammer for your birthday?

Don’t answer that.

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