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You Said WHAT to the Kids-?!

father and motherSome days, I think my husband is five years old. Many days. And he thinks I’m two, so I guess we’re even. The problem?

Benedetto believes everything the kids say to him.

Him: “The children said that you said that Josh’s parents said that his teacher said that he needs to have his life’s career figured out by the time he entered 9th grade. And he said that he wanted to be a trash collector because the janitor said that that was a good job because his teacher said that he would never amount to anything.”

Moi: “What-?! I told them that Josh had a parent-teacher meeting Father__Mother_portraitwhen he entered 9th grade. The teacher asked if he intended to go to college and did he have a career in mind. Period.”

Him: “Well, you have a way with words is all I can say.”

Moi: “What did I say that was wrong-?”

Him: “Why would they say that you said what I think they said that you said if you didn’t say what they said you said?”

530242-couple-crisis-financial-infidelityMoi: “Umm… because they don’t want to think about their futures? We’re either dealing with a comprehension problem on their part, or on yours. Probably both. Do you want me to say what they say that YOU say? I’ve learned to ignore most of it. I really don’t like drama.”

Him: “Well, I can’t ignore some of the preposterous things that you tell them.”

Moi: “Apparently not. Since none of this actually exists, maybe youDivorcing couples should try….”

Later that day, one of them sidled up to me and asked, “Do you know what Papa told me today?”

“No idea….”

AngryParents“Well, he said that the news said that the stock market said that if you put all of your money in pieces of paper you’ll be rich-!” came the hot tip of the day.

“I’m not sure that he said that, it could be that you misunderstood that, and I know that the stock market can’t talk, so it definitely didn’t say anything….”

Did I waste Benedetto’s time saying what the child said that he said that the news said that the stock market said?

Nah. I saved it up for you, instead.


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  1. avatar abby says:

    Hahahahaha, oh this is good! I can relate believe me. I’ve heard of a prayer for serenity, we need a prayer for sanity some days.

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