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Your Child’s Destiny

Quite a day, quite a day.  Russia’s Independence Day celebrations were anything but, yet in spite of the national upheaval, we had a little celebration of our own.

Petya was feted by a professional organization featuring one of his writings, comparing and contrasting certain aspects of Russia and America.  He was sending a message of hope to his people, and of all days, it hit the press yesterday, on June 12th, Dyehn Rossia.  It’s at a time like this that I sense our children have supersized futures, linked to their past, and pervaded by their present.

Father and son attended the large dinner with many honorees and even more famous faces.  Petya sipped a Diet Coke, and his dad sipped seltzer as they took their places.  Benedetto had tried to get me to go, and though I would have loved to, I knew it would be special for father and son to mix and mingle with other great minds.

Our son’s name was on the program and those around him asked about his piece, cheering him on, and excited that the young man was seated at their table.  Naturally, Benedetto sang his son’s praises and his resume’ turned out sounding quite impressive.  The exclusive club brought them course after course during the dinner event, and the rest of us drooled to hear about it.

I wondered about our children’s destinies and savored the proud moment of not having to worry about the impossibility of standardized tests, and SATs, and spelling gone awry.  Some days we just needed to celebrate a child’s essence, the unstoppable spirit that will take them places in life.

For everything else, there’s spellcheck.



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Oh what a proud moment – a moment that will last forever for Mom, Dad and Petya! Congratulations to the author and may this be only a small part of his achievements in life.

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