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Your Four Biggest Objections

thIf you had to list one or two major obstacles to accomplishing what you truly need, want or desire to accomplish in life… what would it be? We all have our excuses, be they legitimate or otherwise. Today, let’s look at four of the most common and how to blast through those roadblocks to your intended destination.

First of all, we need to be very clear about your intended outcome.

Do you need more money? How much? Another full-time income or a decent job in the first place? How much of an annual income are you aiming for? What will pay off your outstanding debt?

Do you hope to lose weight? Are we talking 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or 100 pounds? How does that translatee10ca21563121684c5e6338b38e7845c into how many pounds per week and per month? It’s no mystery that it will take eating foods low in calories and increasing activity levels each day.

Do you want to meet a potential mate? Just going to work and returning home is not going to cut it. You need to go where there are interesting people—go to the gym, volunteer at a charity event, be active in your congregation, join a bicycling, camping, dining or country club. Ask friends and relatives (with good taste, lol!) to keep their eyes open. Aim to get-together with two new prospects each week for coffee.

timeRemember that targets and deadlines and goals are your friends. They add determination to what was once simply desire. Now that you’ve targeted your goals with some measure of specificity, we can move on to blasting through the barriers, four of which may be the most familiar.

1. Lack of time. Oh boy, can I relate! There are only so many hours in a day, and while I’m one of the best multi-taskers I know, it gets old when your only hobby is sleeping-! Prioritize, make to-do lists, keep things moving throughout the day and you will accomplish double what you normally would.

2. Know-how. This could include formal or informal education, depending on the task. Whatever you need FinacialLackto learn, you will find a way. Online, libraries, trade journals, interviews with others who have been-there, done-that (or close to it!). Experiment, ask questions, mix-and-mingle, practice, try and keep on trying. The expertise will come.

3. Contacts or Resources. You might need to know the right people or have sufficient funding to do what you want to do. Apply for grants, get an extra job, keep your day job, go to networking/ alumni/ gala/ political events to meet the right people. Find out where that business leader or college admissions counselor eats lunch, sit at the next table and strike up a conversation. If you’re not obnoxious, your persistance will pay off.

lack-of-focus4. Focus. Probably the missing key in turning dreams into reality lies in the area of focus. Often, you could be scattered, dabbling in this and dabbling in that. Create a plan and work the plan. Take concrete steps toward your desired destination. Head in that direction and don’t allow distractions nor diversions. Most good things don’t come by accident. Gain a sharp focus and hold on from start to finish.

Whenever there are objections in life, it’s an invitation to overcome them. Nothing can stop you, unless you allow it… so get going, already!


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