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Your Kids & Their Education

If you care about your children’s education, you need to consider taking one or two days to hear about new possibilities, innovations, methods and materials to help them.  You will be changed and you will be challenged.

No matter what your current path for them, whether public, private, charter, magnet or homeschool, I’m going to suggest you do something radical:  attend a homeschool convention and receive 1-3 days of seminars, workshops, and lectures… for under $50.

All day and evening there are talks designed to help your son or daughter achieve great things… no matter how you define that.  You will see classicists, and unschoolers, religious conservatives, and coop groups.  Homeschoolers know that it’s not so much about what should work, but what does work.  And hence, some of the greatest, out-of-the-box minds are gathered together at these kinds of conventions.  Ivy League professors, scientists, historians, writers, and math whizzes converge for three days of non-stop insights and encouragement.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

Inbetween talks, you can walk acres of exhibit floor with textbooks, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, chess sets, world maps, and language courses.  You name it, it’s there somewhere.  The ability to chat with vendors and view their wares up-close is invaluable.  With the right workbook or two, you may be saving thousands on after-school tutors.

People from all walks of life attend these conventions, and there’s something for most everyone.  Kids can attend, too, and so far, I feel that teens and possibly preteens would benefit the most, but there were babes-in-arms, as well.  Registration is in full force, with a regional convention happening somewhere near you this spring—Greenville, SC, Memphis,  TN, Cincinnati, OH, Long Beach, CA, Hartford, CT.

GreatHomeschoolConventions.com.  Disclaimer:  I have no connection whatsoever with this group, just tellin’ ya because I think you’d benefit.



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